capriole (2017)

capriole (2017)

Alfred Themel, Alex Atschimov, Mani Obeya – main vocals

Gabriele Ludescher, Barbara Kier, Antje Kohler – backing vocals
Tina, Marie & Fredi Themel and Gabi Ludescher – choir on „tears for Augustine“
Barbara Katzensteiner – chanteuse on „Amor“
Tara Ludescher – Lalala on „failure“

Lee Young Kim, Sophia Goidinger-Koch, Nino Dschingashvili, Eun-Kyung Park – violins
Jakob Suchentrunk, Ying Xiong – viola
Lukas Lauermann, Nicole Pena-Comas – cello

Robert Maiß, Lasse Stockreiter – trombones
Josef Fuchsberger, Simon Plötzeneder – trumpets

Guido Spannocchi – flute on „tears for Augustine“
Barbara Ruppnig – piano on „read my diary“

the rest and some backing vocals performed by morgen es wird schoen

All songs written/ arranged/ recorded/edited by morgen es wird schoen
lyrics used by kind permission of mewsic publishing

Sleeve design: Lukas Novak
Photography: Frank Beer (front picture), Ernst Herold (rest)

Produced by morgen es wird schoen in studio77, Vienna
Mixed and mastered by Gregor „Keks“ Streng in Sound Bakery, Vienna

Executive Producer: Philip Morawietz

© 2017 by label77